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Dream: Twister Tapping Teacher

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I just woke up from a nap. I sometimes have my most vivid dreams during naps. In this one, I was a teacher getting ready for a big show. One of my 16 year-old female students was in rehearsal and a co-teacher and I told her she could audition for a big opportunity. I can’t remember what it was now. She felt it was beneath her and she could do “more.” Something to make her more famous or rich than this thing. I said to her “You don’t believe me now, but one day you are going to be 36 like I am and say to yourself ‘Why didn’t I do that when it was right in front of my face?’” She, of course, scoffed and stormed out of rehearsal, to which I yelled after her “There will be a consequence for this behavior!”

My co-teacher and I decided I would come up with the consequence. After much deliberation I decided that even though she was one of the star students, she could not perform in the first of 3 nightly concerts we were giving. She was furious with me when she showed up for opening night and got the news. There were light checks and soundchecks happening everywhere. Lights were flashing all over. I explained to my student that this was her consequence for her ego and attitude. She could perform in the next 2 shows but not this one. She screamed “YOU will have a consequence! Just you wait.” I was worried she would destroy my car or something. Just then I was told I had to check for my tap dancing number. I suddenly realized I had hair like Dee Snider; long, wavy blonde hair with blue and pink streaks in it. I had a patent leather top hat on as well. There were three steep platforms I was supposed to dance on. Just behind them I saw a lion and many gorillas. I was aware they had been living on them. I went to dance and there was poop everywhere. It was getting all in my boots I was supposed to tap with. I knew it simply would not work.

Cut to a parking lot. I see my student crying. I approached her and said “It’s really not so bad. You will perform in the next 2 shows.” She replied, ” I know, but I was so looking forward to this.” I explained that I did not like punishing her but I had no choice. Then I said “Trust me. You don’t always learn from winning. You don’t always learn from getting in the Bolshoi Ballet or first chair with the San Francisco Symphony. Sometimes you learn the most from coming in second or tenth or flat out not making it.” She said, “Oh, so I’m supposed to work and work and train and train and not be the best? Not WIN?” I looked at her and said, “Right now you think you are going to get everything you want but life does not always work that way. One day you might be begging to get any work at all. You’ll sing at a wedding for $50. Real life brings real challenges. You have rent. You have yourself and possibly others to feed. You know how many things I had to do, that I didn’t want to, to feed my cats?” She said “Well, I am not you. I will not fail.”

So yeah…not the most subtle symbolism I’ve ever encountered. The funny thing is that my conscious self was chuckling all through those conversations because I could see my crazy hair in my peripheral vision. Ha!


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