caseystratton (caseystratton) wrote,

What Dreams May Come

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I just awoke from the strangest dream. It was very “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” meets “All About Eve.” I was this older woman and my husband had been very rich. We lived in this hotel room with my little yappy dog Jackson (he wanted something little and cuddly). He had a very expensive watch, I remember. I was talking with the housekeeping staff and he told me I was vile to associate with commoners. Later, I was walking through a small town I was living in and met a cameraman on the street who had filmed a documentary about me many years earlier. He was there filming the new town casino next to a carnival and a Target (lol). We exchanged pleasantries and I moved on. My assistant was suddenly there. I was aware of her before in the dream but not that she was with me until that moment had passed. I explained to her that I was sorry I didn’t introduce her but I could not remember the man’s name.

Later in the dream, I was in my house. I think it was somewhere in Florida. I was sleeping when I heard my assistant talking to a delivery person, pretending to be me. The delivery man was saying how much they loved my old movies and wished I would make more. She explained that she intended to as soon as she could sell the house. I then saw that she was petting Jackson as she spoke. Furious, I jumped out of bed, put on a gauzy robe-like thing and grabbed a hammer. I chased her down and began slamming her with it. Thinking it was done I went upstairs. A while later, I saw her come out with a bright red Ronald McDonald wig and a long, orange dress. Full face of makeup to hide the hammer marks. She was talking to some neighbor ladies. I hid just behind where she would be walking in a few minutes. I tried to hit her with the hammer but realized it was suddenly made of plastic. She laughed and laughed in my face and said “You silly old thing. You will never win. You will never win.”

I woke up.

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