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I awoke this morning from a nightmare so intense I had to get up for a while as I was too afraid to go back to sleep. Don’t you just hate that? Here’s what happened:

I was living in an apartment near an old abandoned warehouse near some old, unused train tracks. I think my apartment might have been a train car itself. I had some friends staying either with or near me. Things were normal until I could not find Wendy one day. I looked everywhere for her, calling and calling. I began to become agitated, very aware that due to the recent loss of 2 of my cats I could not lose another. I looked inside a big trunk I had that was full of stuff. Almost like a trash bin. She was not there. For some reason I kept looking in it all the time.

A friend was with me and was trying to comfort me. I started to get notes from someone saying they had her and would kill her soon. I was very upset. I was crying and could not understand why anyone would do this. I hired a private detective to help me find her. It consumed my days. He would show up with clues and ideas as to where to find her and I would go, hoping desperately that she was there. No. Finally one day he came and said, “I hate to tell you this.” My heart sank. There was some sort of report from an animal shelter of a dead cat they’d found. He was sure it was Wendy. I cried and cried, completely blown away that this was happening.

I began to trust no one. Even those close to me were suspects in my mind. Perhaps people were close to me as a distraction device? I was all alone and could not speak to anyone. I was aware that someone was after me, wanted me to suffer.

Then one afternoon, I opened the trunk I had looked in constantly and something was moving through the debris. It crawled up through and it was Wendy! I was elated. She was a little sickly looking but I knew she’d be OK. Just then there was a knock on the door.


I did not have a housekeeper and this was not a hotel. I timidly opened the door. A woman said she had a call for me in the main warehouse. I went with her and picked up the phone. A voice said “Hi Casey. I am calling about an incident at P&H Grocery in 1994. A Mr. Nicholas ____ worked there at the time and $25,000 was stolen during that time. We believe that you were responsible for this theft, not Nicholas. Will you plead guilty to the charges?” Of course I said no. I had not done it! The woman’s voice grew sinister as she replied “Look out the window and you might change your mind.”

Outside the window was a guy named Nick, holding Wendy with a knife to her throat. I became aware that I was being blackmailed. Plead guilty to his crime or lose Wendy. I ran outside and tried to reason with him but he said he would kill her without hesitation. I immediately wished I had not lost trust in all my friends and pushed them away from my life. I had no one to help me with this.

I went back inside and picked up the receiver. “Yes, I will plead guilty to the charges.”

I woke up.

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