January 11th, 2014


Going Viral

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I had a dream that was so jam-packed with information that a Facebook status was simply not going to cover it.

It began with me in a bedroom. It was the last day of high school and I was trying to coax a teenage girl (who had a remarkable resemblance and attitude to Miley Cyrus) to attend her graduation. She wasn’t even sure if she was indeed going to graduate as she had skipped a lot of school. Everything was very dark and monochromatic. Think 1980s New York City as depicted in TV shows and movies.

Next thing I knew I was in this large warehouse, which was the backstage/kitchen of a nightclub where lavish performances were still put on while the guests sat at tables. Again, the themes were all very dark though. Jean Paul Gaultier had designed all of our costumes and the score was by Siouxsie and the Banshees. I was working my way up to being more featured in the show, and I was aware that the main character, who was also the owner of the club, was connected to some organized crime. There was an air of danger in every conversation and action.

The backstage area somehow worked as a makeshift medical clinic for all employees and it was very clear to everyone that you could ONLY get treatment there. Again, there was something shady about it. I knew that knowing what I knew put me both in a position of having access but also in the position of being in great danger. There was a man who had been in the good graces of the owner but was now cast away. He was called “Jazzy.” He was in a drug haze and reeked of alcohol. We told him he had to leave. He would not so some bouncers took him away and we all knew what would happen to him.

A woman came in who had been huffing while pregnant. We were trying to convince her to be truthful about what she had been huffing so we could try to save them both. Along the line, she gave me a Tic Tac. I had it in my mouth when her tests came back saying she had a highly-infectious virus that could be transmitted by contact with the skin even. We were quickly trying to quarantine her and all staff who had touched her. The virus was biological warfare and was given to people maliciously in pill form. I realized the Tic Tac was actually the virus.

Chaos. Everywhere. A mad dash for the only known antidote was in full swing. I was given the shot that would render me immune and seemed safe. The owner/lead actor and his 2 dancers were all exposed. I had to make a choice as to who would get the remaining two shots. One would not survive. I said “Well with ratings the way they have been from the TV syndication, I think we’ll have to say not dancer 2 but dancer 1, closest to the lead actor. He was also the one with the most exposure. He is a liability.” Somehow, this choice meant I had passed a test of some kind. The owner patted me on the back and told me to go to my dressing room to await news of what my new and improved role in the show would be. It was possible I would replace dancer 1.

I was in my dressing room, anxiously awaiting the news (I looked in the mirror at this point and I did not look like me at all. I had blonde hair and was at least 6 feet tall.). The phone rang and the manager of the nightclub and show said “Well, the bad news is you did not get the part you wanted. The good news is your name in the show has been changed. You will now be called “Jazzy.” ” Terror. I hung up the phone and tried to plan my escape. I knew I was marked for death with that name change.

I ran out of the club. There was a promenade outside and I knew I had to get across it without being noticed. Therefore I had to walk very casually even though my heart was racing and I felt like running for my life. I made it safely to what was called Washington St. and turned left to walk away.

At this point my perspective in the dream completely changed to being an observer, watching the action. The club owner and his closest people were put in a large shipping container to be smuggled out of the country. The drivers were being warned that they had to drive around a sharp curve but after that they had to enter the barge straight on and follow all instructions over the radio. I watched the craft make the turn and then proceed onto the inside of a barge. They were told to go forward at 75 MPH. Then they were given instructions to go up a ramp, make a slight right, etc. Finally, it became too complicated and I watched them make a wrong turn. The craft carrying the people went out of sight. Then I watched it come past me, then up a wall and then, making a horrible screeching noise, it began to lose complete control. It dropped from the height, flew past my line of vision, moving downward and then………BAM!

I woke up.